Educate and prepare our students to achieve their dreams in higher education

Boscoss Tutorials is a premier institution in Mangaluru, helping students to excel in competitive exams for higher education. We aim to provide students with an environment to learn and shine in their careers.

Our History

Boscoss Tutorials is the brainchild of Prof. S.S. Bosco, one of the most esteemed and admired professors in the annals of education in Mangaluru. Prof. Bosco has more than 41 years of experience in teaching higher education to many generations of students.

In 1984, the Government of Karnataka introduced the Common Entrance Test (CET). Prof. S S Bosco understood the complex and different nature of this test. He became a pioneer in defining new teaching frameworks and coaching students to suit this new exam. This has aided students, for the last three decades, in successfully cracking the CET.

On retirement, he realized the unmet need for the students to prepare not just for CET but also for other new national entrance exams. He modelled a system of coaching based on his rich teaching experience to guide and support the students so that they can successfully prepare and compete in these exams. He then started Boscoss Tutorials in his enduring vision to continuously shape and nurture new students in their efforts to reach higher in their learning goals.

Boscoss Tutorials was started in 2009 and now is one of the most admired, sought after and popular institutions in Mangaluru and Karnataka. Our system of coaching has earned not only praise from students and parents but also has helped students garner high scores year after year in the exams.

What we do

  • We provide a student friendly environment
  • Instil deep understanding of the subject
  • Help students identify their true potential
  • Provide multiple training and practice sessions for students to hone their skills and compete in exams
  • Make new learning interesting and fun for students, creating a spark within each student which will remain undiminished in his / her life
  • Our coaching strategy is tailored to various board exams and also for competitive exams like CET, COMED- K, JEE-M and NEET.


We recognize that preparing for higher education can sometimes become overwhelming for students. Our courses and classes are focused in guiding and steering the students through a clearly defined structure making it easier for the students to move to the higher levels of education.
We also provide a 4-day bridge course for every SSLC pass out, which is a first in the education domain in Mangaluru. This course introduces the high school students to a college environment, and acclimatizes them to the science curriculums at a higher and specialized level.


Our staff members have decades of teaching experience to their credit and they have been serving the education needs of students in and around Mangaluru. Our teachers having taught for several years in various reputed colleges in Mangaluru bring the same discipline and rigor in training students with a special focus on training them for competitive exams. Many of the teachers have authored books which are popular with students and in academic circles as well.

Our coaching institution is headed by Mrs. Bosco, the Chairperson and Managing Director.


We invest a significant amount of energy and time on our students as they are the main reason for our existence. We not only focus on students’ academic achievements but also on training and moulding them as fine, upright individuals as they ascend in their education and their careers. We have produced praiseworthy results every year since our inception, making our institute one of the most desired and popular in all of Mangaluru. This has been made possible only because of our students who have embraced our unique coaching strategy and every year deliver enviable scores and grades.

Boscoss Tutorials

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